Fresh Premium Handcrafted Ice Cream
for Humans, and Dogs!

One-month-old Twice Young (@wearetwiceyoung on Instagram) is a home-based online delivery business that crafts premium ice cream and cookies for humans, and also fresh ice cream for dogs, by hand in extremely small batches. Founded by Kimberley Yeo, co-founder of Don Play Play (a Japanese rice bowl delivery company) and a food blogger who is very particular about her food and ingredients, Twice Young is dedicated to the use of only the freshest and finest ingredients in its creations that are void of additives and preservatives. 

After months of R&D, Twice Young is starting out with four unique and enticing ice cream flavours and one type of cookies for humans, and 3 ice cream flavours for man’s best friends. More flavours can be expected in the coming months as the one-woman team strives to keep things fresh and exciting for all.

While Kimberley is excited about the selection of human ice cream, she is actually more thrilled to launch the doggo range. Twice Young is the only place in Singapore where you can get freshly made ice cream for your furkids. Kimberley has an adorable little Maltese named Lord Snuffles who’s quite the food connoisseur. He enjoys delightful home-cooked meals twice a day, eats as organically as possible, and often indulges in steak and lamb. He is a huge fan of uni and otoro, and is even particular about the textures of his selected vegetables and doneness of his eggs. When it came to the launch of the doggo ice cream, Kimberley took a while to earn her precious furkid’s paw of approval, especially when he dislikes banana, and strawberries. She’s confident that all dogs will love the ice cream, since picky Snuffles has generously shown his fondness for them. It has always been Kimberley’s dream to start something doggo-related, or to work with dogs, so she is beyond excited to launch Twice Young’s doggo ice cream line. 

Menu - Goodest Puppers 

Handcrafted Ice Cream (1 pint, made with premium human-grade ingredients)

Banana Peanut Butter - $22.90 

Natural unsweetened Greek yogurt, mashed ripe bananas, organic 100% natural crunchy peanut butter 

Blueberry Coconut (dairy-free)- $27.90 

Organic New Zealand coconut yogurt, fresh ripe blueberries 

Strawberry Manuka Honey - $27.90 

New Zealand Raw Manuka Honey UMF 10+, fresh USA strawberries, natural unsweetened Greek yogurt 

Kimberley hopes that all the puppers out there will love and enjoy the doggo ice cream which is made entirely with top quality human-grade ingredients, and packed with vitamins and probiotics. The doggo range can be consumed by humans as well, and the Strawberry Manuka Honey ice cream has particularly received rave reviews from pawrents who have purchased it for their furbabies. There’s no added sugar in the ice cream at all so all the sweetness comes from the ripe fruits used.

 With the growth of this business, Kimberley hopes to donate more money to causes that she’s passionate about — dog shelters, animal sanctuaries and wildlife conservation projects(especially for koalas, Fairy Penguins and Maremma Sheepdogs). Kimberley will also be exploring collaborations with home bakers as she goes along as she believes in supporting, and growing with, the home-based business community in Singapore. 

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Key Info : 

Delivery fee is $10, or free for orders above $60. Orders can be placed via DM @wearetwiceyoung, or via Orders will be dispatched every Wednesday and Saturday, and self collection is available at 1 Ford Avenue. 


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