Top 5 Tips for Visiting the Dog Park

Visiting a dog run soon? Here are the 5 etiquettes before going to the dog park!


  1. Take off the leash?
    Do only remove the leash if you feel comfortable doing so. The purpose is to socialise and have fun!

  2. Be vigilant
    Keep your focus on your dog no matter how enjoyable your human companions are.

  3. Don't bring treats and toys
    There’s just too much potential for dogs to engage in guarding or stealing behaviour that can lead to aggression and fights.

  4. Always pick up after your dog
    Nobody likes a dirty dog park, be responsible for your dog's mess!

  5. Leave if you start to feel concerned
    Is your dog starting to feel uncomfortable? If so, leave the park and go for a walk nearby.

Do you have any more pointers to share?

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