Competitive Gameplay

  • Each player starts with an equal number of Service cards.
  • Each player must play 1 Service card on each turn to match what the dog needs or doesn't need. (The "Love" card can represent any service!)
  • Each player can choose a Doggo Card to move from the “Waiting Area” to his/her “Care Area”. (Choosing early can net you the best dog cards, but also reveals to your friends/family what service cards you require!)
  • At the end of each action, all the players will pass all their service cards to the person next to him/her.
  • Each player can have a maximum of 2 dogs in his/her “Care Area”
  • There are 10 Doggo cards with 1 need icon, 2 need icons and 3 need icons respectively. (Dogs with more needs provides higher points when completed, but tend to be harder to complete and easier to be blocked by other players.)
  • The round ends when when all service cards are used.
  • Count your stars using the Point cards.
  • Put the cards back into the respective decks and start again as per Game Setup.
  • At the end of the last round, the player with the most stars wins!

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