Game Components


You and your other players are now caretakers in a One Stop Dog Care Center called "DOGGOHOME". It’s going to be a busy day, and the boss would reward the caretaker who could attend to the most number of dogs with a special bonus!

As a caretaker, you have to satisfy the different needs of various dogs with the respective “Service” cards. You can compete against your friends and families to see who can take care of the most number of doggos!


Doggo Cards

  • 30 Doggo Cards (10 x 1 Star Card, 10 x 3 Stars Card, 10 x 5 Stars Card)
  • 50 Service Cards (10 x 5 Types of Service Cards)
  • 4 Wild/Love Cards
  • 6 Sets of Point Cards
  • 1 Education Card
  • 1 Rule Booklet

Service Cards

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