Game Setup

  1. Shuffle the Doggo Cards and give each player 1 Doggo Card at random, placing the card facing up in front of them. This is each player’s designed "Care Area". 
    DOGGHOME Game Setup

  2. Place Doggo Cards equal to the [number of players + 1] in the middle of the table facing up. This forms the "Waiting Area" (in green). 

  3. Place the remaining Doggo Cards beside the Waiting Area facing downwards. This forms the "Doggo Deck" (in black).

  4. Based on the number of players, shuffle all the Service Cards together to form a Service Deck and distribute accordingly: 12 Service cards each for 2 players and 9 Service Cards each for 3 to 6 players (in blue).

  5. DOGGOHOME will operate minimally for 3 rounds. Each round is known as a shift. Players can agree and increase the number of shifts to be played to a maximum of 6 shifts.

  6. Give each player 1 set of Point Cards to track their score throughout the game.

Now you are ready to start the game!

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